Friday, October 18, 2013

39 weeks

Well, we have tried pretty much everything short of castor oil to get this labor started but I guess our boy is making a statement--he will come when he wants to come. We are nervous but very much ready to meet him and love him. In the meantime while we are still waiting, I'll put in a last photo dump of pregnant pictures.
 Love these ladies to the moon and back!
 Pumpkin fest at Grandma's. 
 Conference weekend in Park City (we didn't get ready but we were comfy).
We drove the alpine loop (as one of our labor inducing activities--the elevation changes didn't work) and I look ridiculous because Mitch said I had to bend over to get the picture lighting better, but this is at about 39 weeks--woot woot! 

Send some good vibes our way so we can get this baby here!


Adrienne said...

Thinking about you every single day! I know it's hard to feel it, but you really look beautiful!!! The last few days seem to last forever, but you will be so great:) Hang in there. I have my money on Oct. 22.

Unknown said...

So excited for you!! You and Mitch will be the best parents! :) you look great! :)

whitney harris said...

yay! so exciting! he'll come soon!

Chloe said...

So excited to see pictures of your little man! So exciting!

Bryan said...

Yay Heth! Can't wait to meet him!