Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I never really understood that there is such an art about floral design. Who knew there could be a big text book all about floral arrangements? Well there is, and I'm currently loving it. I can't believe I'm just now understanding the potential benefits of having a mother who loves flowers so much that she even gave flower tours at Temple Square. Maybe I was meant to work hard at economics just to become an expert florsit, or maybe not. But now I look forward to having my own garden one day that looks like my mother's. Where I once saw a lot of weeding and deadheading every morning during the summer, now I see the satisfaction of working hard to create something beautiful. And who knows, maybe I'll even be able to create a flower carpet as beautiful as this one. . .

. . . wishful thinking, I know.

Monday, January 17, 2011


"Time is our dear friend."

I don't know who first said this but the Sealer at the Temple this morning said it, and I loved it. After being nervous just for a quiz coming up in a week, then for where Mitch and I will be living in 6 months, and then what my health will be like in 50+ years, sometimes I am afraid of time. But time is always constant, heals my heart, and always helps me adjust to change. So yes, time is certainly my dear friend.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

"An expensive way of doing things cheaply"

My parents got my sisters and I these beauties for Christmas. When I was talking to an old Jerusalem friend about the classes that came with the machine to learn how to use it, he commented "You know, sewing is just an expensive way of doing things cheaply. Either you spend $30 dollars on a shirt, or you buy a nice machine, all the supplies, the fabric, and then spend 7 hours to make the shirt. Which way is really cheaper?"

I laughed, because he does have a good point if I decide to never use this machine. But good thing I know from economics that one day, the sewing machine will have been a terrific investment because the fixed costs will have long been covered. But he forgot to factor in one IMPORTANT thing--that sewing yourself brings SATISFACTION that buying things can't bring. I still plan to buy most of my clothes instead of making, but I am looking forward to the many years ahead spent making wonderful crafts with this machine. I doubt I will ever become an expert sewer, but for now I can just enjoy the satisfaction that I can produce something cute on my own.

Thank you mom, for all of the sewing tutorials over the years. And anyone who wants to have a sewing party--count me in!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What is Next?

I thought I would be really sad to graduate. Those who know me well know I've always been a diligent student--its part of my internal balance. What would life be like for me when I'm no longer a student? I used to shudder at the thought. Well, instead of being sad about graduating, I find myself very anxious for April to come so that I can discover where Mitch and I will be for the next three years--will I be working? will I be in a graduate program? will I just be tyring to have a baby? (Okay, maybe I should be a little scarred with the fact that I really don't know any of these answers yet and it is getting close, but I'm still just anxious)

The questions are endless and I have found that I am tired of having to run into old faces on campus and come up with awkward conversations to act like I am interested in gaining a close kinship that didn't even exist when we knew each other. (Really, you can only keep in touch with so many people, and there are just too many familiar faces). I am so excited to create floral arrangements, become an expert bowler, learn the thriller dance in Aerobics, and soak up my last econ classes; but mostly, I'm just ready for April to come.

What time are you looking forward to?