Wednesday, August 25, 2010

End of August

The past couple of weeks have been really exciting.
It started off with Mitch picking me up from the airport and driving straight to the temple to see this beautiful bride come out!

Then we went to her wedding dinner later that night and enjoyed sitting with friends. We also got to see the Salem Days Fireworks later that night with Nathan and Adrienne, they blow Alpine Days fireworks out of the water. 
Then we went to the annual Jesse N. Hunsaker reunion at Park City. A couple of the days were spent boating at Jordanelle, and Mitch is getting REALLY good on the wake board and water ski despite my lack of ability to capture it on camera. 
My nieces and nephews loved hovering over the water at the front of the boat.

I got an awesome birthday party at the park with Red Velvet cake and lots of loving family. 
We got to have apple pie caramel apples from the Chocolate Factory, mmmmmmm
And then we got to celebrate our one year anniversary at Chef's table. We will continue to celebrate by taking 2 weeks to back-pack through Europe starting Sunday! So stay tuned to the blog for the next 3 months, because it is about to get a lot more exciting! 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Giant Pencils

Do you remember those giant pencils we thought were pretty awesome in Elementary school? The ones that are over a foot long. Well, today I noticed one sitting in our apartment.  I asked Mitch, "Where did this come from?"
He responded, "I bought it to take my finals with."
I looked at him in disbelief and asked, "seriously?"
"Yes, I am dead serious," he chuckled back.
Apparently Mitch thought it would be funny to buy a giant pencil to use in the testing center. I guess it worked cause he got a lot of comments about it during his test. . . . .
that is one of the bazillion thingsI love about Mitch, he is somewhat of a mystery that keeps me laughing regularly.  
Happy one year Anniversary Mitch, I can't wait for more to come!

Friday, August 13, 2010


I will sadly have to tell this little girl and her cute bug bites good-bye, but in exchange I get to give this handsome man a big smooch,
And wish this girl Happy Birthday,

And celebrate with this girl on her wedding day,

All things considered, it will be quite the day!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Sister In Need

Since there are about 6 of you who regularly read this blog, I feel it is okay to share this personal stuff here:

Remember this little Cutie? This is my neice Brynn, the miracle baby, who born at 1.5 lbs, is now able to walk around like other toddlers and hear with the aid of cochlear implants.

Her amazing mother, Natalie, is expecting another little girl. Unfortunately, this baby is coming with complications too. At just 24 weeks, Natalie is checked into the hospital again, with an order to be on bed rest at the hospital for 10 weeks. Apparently her cervex is as thin as it should be when the baby is at full term, and ready to go into labor. So she has to be on bed rest to be monitored and prevent going into labor so early. So while Matt is busy working, and Natalie is in the hosptial, Brynn needs a full-time babysitter and someone to feed her through her tube. I get to be the lucky one to go out first and help for a week!

This comes at a sad timing because with less than a month left before Mitch and I leave, there were so many things I wanted to get done, and people I wanted to spend time with. I am praying that I will make it home on time on Sat. the 14th to see Beautiful Mandy come out of the temple, but I might miss it by 20 minutes. Adrienne and I will probably have to celebrate our birthday's together in December, and taking Maddi and Ali out for their birthdays may be even later than planned. Date night with Stacey will be delayed, and I will miss parties with Jerusalem friends. But I would give this up and more to help my brother and sister in need.

That is the beauty of family. We always come first.

And isn't Brynn just so irresistable? I can't wait to be with her.

I will see you all before I leave, and thats what matters! Prayers for this little family are always welcome.