Monday, July 8, 2013

24 weeks

My life is counted in weeks lately. How many weeks along I am, how many weeks Mitch has been gone, how many more weeks till I see him, and how many more weeks till the baby comes.

Pregnancy has gotten much more manageable for me after I hit week 18. The heart burn has kicked in now so I sleep with a bunch of pillows to keep me propped up, but I'd take that over the continuous nausea.

Lessons I've learned lately:
-Having your husband gone while you are pregnant makes you overly emotional.
-Everyone seems to have a vocalized opinion about you and your baby, regardless of if they know you or whether that opinion is very nice or not.
-Your brain dives into further mush as pregnancy continues. I really miss my old brain.
-Feeling your baby move frequently is fascinating and reassuring.

The last 24 weeks have been quite the journey. I am grateful for all that I have learned.