Monday, June 28, 2010

June Adventures

Okay, I know it was a week and a half ago, but I still needed to blog about our fabulous trip to Vernal with the Jacks. I finally got to spend the night in a tent again, the last time I did that was at girl's camp, 4 years ago, crazy huh? And camping is sooo much funner when you have a significant other to snuggle up to! Good thing too cause it got below freezing in the night. Poor Adrienne looked like her kitten just died when she found out that you can zip two compatible sleeping bags togehter to make a big sleeping bag for two. Next time she goes camping she will make sure she has a "true love sleeping bag" for her and Nathan.

Our other adventures in Vernal included four-wheeling and shot gun shooting. The day after my back was insanely sore from pulling the clay pigeon machine--needless to say I am going to work on my muscular strength this summer.

As for other events in June, Mitch took the LSAT, and did well enough that we know we can get into the U, and hopefully even BYU. We decided a Utah school was the best way to go cost wise, and sinc Mitch is still considering the foreign service.

Rachael got married, and Lizzy is on her mission!! I can't believe how we are all growing up.
Before Vernal, Tyson and Megan came into town and we got to go eat Thai food for Tyson's birthday. Mitch and I LOVE curry!! mmmmmm
And for those of you who still don't really understand what I am doing for my internship, or what the U.S. Commercial Service is, go here:

June was a great month, and I look forward to July!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Steamboat, Colorado:

I took a trip (I drove 5 hours by myself there and back) to Steamboat last week to play with my sister-in-laws, Ali, and more friends! 

There were 7 women and 8 children staying together. We had so much fun it even made all the babies fall asleep in awkward positions. 
My dearest Ali was the best ever to drive up and meet me there so I could play with her.  We had too much fun reading books--we are quite hooked on the Hunger Games trilogy. 
Lauren is Mitch's sister, and she brought her too adorable kids Daxton and Aubrey.  I think our kids will turn out toe heads like hers. I don't get enough time to play with Lauren since she lives in Vernal.
These are my two sister-in-laws on Mitch's side--Lauren and Keera. I have three sister-in-laws total (one on my side) and they are the absolute best sisters ever!!!!
When we were at the park, the sprinklers came on, and we all got wet whether by choice or not. Kemarie (age 5) got so wet, that when she would run around, her skirt and undies fell down cause they were so heavy--yes she got to moon the whole park! 
Steamboat even included the craziest car,
 breath-taking scenery,
real springs,
children who don't want to pose for pictures,
babies with the most kissable cheeks,
and messy faces,
and bug eyes,
and really awkward tan lines (Ali's wasn't in an appropriate place for a picture)
and yummy desserts EVERY night after kids go to bed! 

Thank you for the fun week girls!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Help

This book, made me cry. 
It made me laugh, it made me smile, 
it made me frustrated, it made me evaluate who I am, 
and what type of woman I want to be.

You MUST read this book. It is a favorite of mine. 
Thank you to Kelsey for lending me your copy, 
I had to buy my own when I was finished, so that I could always have it.

Miss Skeeter sounds like she could be my best friend.  Aibileen feels like a grandma to me, 
and Minny could possibly be my favorite.  I love these characters.

P.S. Adrienne, thank you for coming to play with me on Memorial Day!