Monday, April 30, 2012


I ran the Thanksgiving Point half-marathon with my mother, and my two sisters Karren and Megan on Saturday. It was a tough course (a lot of little steep hills and tight turns) but it was beautiful scenery. I am so glad I decided to do it with them too. We all did quite well and I am really pleased--especially since it was my mom's, Karren's, and my first half marathon race.

Karren dominated us all coming in at 1:48.
I came in next at 1:52--(wahoo thats faster than what I was expecting)
Megan came in at 1:55
and my mom came in at 2:22. She is such a champ and I am so proud of her for doing this with us.

Thank you to family for supporting us and coming to see us race!

Next up: The full marathon on June 9th. (Wish me luck--especially since I'll be out of town for the next couple weeks and my training will seriously decline.)

Monday, April 2, 2012


Last weekend I got to go with my parents and Karren to Portland to see my dear cousin Kelli get married. Despite the pouring rain it was an AMAZING wedding. Aunt Wendy never disappoints.

About a month ago we had a bridal shower for Kelli in Logan. The best part was making a dress out of paper and making Kelli model it. (pictured below). You see, when my Grandmother got married her friends made her a dress out of paper and that is the only wedding picture I think I have seen of her's. I don't even know what her real dress looked like but I know what her paper gown looked like. I think we did a pretty good job on our attempt. (Kelli looked much more beautiful in her real dress though.)

Love you Kelli!