Saturday, December 7, 2013

The first month

What a whirlwind the past month has been! Growing up I always said that my dream profession was to be a mom, and thank goodness it turns out that I was right. I feel so fulfilled.

My physical recovery for the first couple weeks was rough. When my milk came in 3 days after delivery was probably the hardest day for me. But Max made it all worth it. The older he gets the more interactive he is and it is fun to discover his personality.

Max is a pretty easy baby so far. He really only fusses if he is hungry, needs to pass gas, or tired (or if he gets the "scary hiccups" as Mitch calls them). He now routinely does a 5 hour stretch at night which is awesome. During the day he takes most of his naps on my chest. I don't get as much done that way, but I just love it too much to give it up. He is not a fan of his car seat, and he doesn't care for shopping either (typical boy). He loves to stretch and stare at new lights. At nighttime when he is swaddled, he loves to burrow himself in his blanket. Therefore, we only use our stiff blankets to make sure he will always be able to breathe when he is down in his burrow. Sometimes Max just enjoys chilling by himself in his crib (a McClellan trait of liking his own space) but he also puts on an awesome face at parties (a Hunsaker trait).  We are so anxious to see who he becomes as he grows. He is getting so big!

 Smiling in his sleep

 I love his naps on my chest

 First bedtime stories