Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another Adventure

I'm just finally getting around to uploading my pictures to the computer so I can now tell you about our latest adventure. A few weeks ago we decided to go pay a Sunday visit to our friends Matt and Sandee. They are another couple that met in Jerusalem and got married the day before us. Needless to say, we have been friends ever since.

Anyway, they mentioned to us this incredible deal to go on a mediterranean cruise--the catch was that it was in just a couple weeks. We discussed how neat it would be to go but decided to sleep on the idea since Mitch and I know we have a natural disposition to say yes to going anywhere exciting without really thinking it through. Well, it turns out everything fell into place for us to be able to go on this trip, so we took advantage of the opportune moment.

Here is how the trip went:

About 3 days in Rome. That city is unreal--every way you look, there is something cool to see. That city is so rich with history, I was not disappointed. 

Then a day at Pompei and a night in Napoli. Pompei was nice because you get a true feel for how a city would have been 2,000 ears ago. Its not just a few old ruins, its an entire town.
Then we got on the cruise ship. Our first port was Messina, Sicily. The cannoli there was A-mazing!

And we had pizza as much as possible in Italy. Napoli wins out for having the best pizza.
We enjoyed Athens, especially the gyros!

And we LOVED Ephesus. Turkey is one of my favorite countries I have decided.

Our last port was Crete. Crete is the largest island off of Greece, and our port town was Chania. It is a beautiful venetian port city and we happened to be there right as the olympic torch was coming through!

It was a lovely trip, and I loved every bit.