Sunday, June 12, 2011

Babies, Birthdays, Rocks, and Such

I've been totally lazy about blogging lately. I apologize. And I still haven't started studying for the GRE. I really should get on that. But I have had a wonderful summer break thus far.

Recently Mandy and I threw a baby shower for the beautiful Rachael. It was small and intimate--such a blast with close friends. It was so fun to see Tia fresh off her mission as well. We love having her home!

I've also been trying to get in loads of baby time with Oliver and Elliott. I especially need a lot of Elliott before Adrienne and Nathan abandon us for 3 years.
We have also been enjoying birthday parties. First was Mitch's sister Lauren. She got to share her birthday with Memorial day which meant we could go to Vernal to celebrate it with her.
Then it was my father's birthday. He is the big 60 this year. We surprised him with a children and spouse dinner party at Thanksgiving point. It was absolutely perfect and I think he loved it.
I love my dad so much it makes me cry just thinking about him.
Also Nathan and Adrienne blessed baby Elliott last Sunday.
And yesterday, since Mitch was gone camping, Ali went to a wedding with me and slept over and got out of bed with me to go cheer on Christa during the end of her MARATHON! So proud of you Christa!!!!
Then last night my sister Megan graciously took us rock climbing up AF Canyon. It was a blast.
Here is Karren




And the pro--Megan.

Thanks so much Megan!!!! We had so much fun.

I love my sisters!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Settling Down

Graduation is over, Florida has past, we're staying put for three years, and we don't have anything big planned for the future (besides law school) yet. I'm in a completely different position this summer than I was last summer when I was anxiously awaiting an internship in BELGIUM. Even just three months ago I had weeknights of no homework to look forward to as I barely pushed through till finals. But now the no homework nights are here, and as much as I love them, I'm ready for something new to anticipate.

Baby hungry? Yes. But it is not quite time for us.
How about a trip to Thailand or New Zealand? Absolutely. But I've got to work hard and save to put Mitch through school.
Start a Master's degree in a year? Hopefully yes. I guess I can look forward to studying for the GRE . . . maybe I am not ready to give up my evenings again quite yet.