Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pregnant and Alone

Mitch has been in Houston doing an internship the past couple months. I stayed behind to continue working and be close to my OB. (Okay and to avoid the Houston summer heat). I'm glad he is getting back this week because we are never doing this again. Being pregnant and alone is tough. But there have been some fabulous things that have happened despite the loneliness the past few weeks. One of those things was that I got to go down to Houston and visit Mitch! (thanks Dad!) The sweet mother of the family he has been staying with took these pictures of me and baby on a Sunday afternoon. (I had no time to prep but at least I still had my dress on from church!)

Those pictures were taken at about 26 weeks. Since then I just keep getting bigger and bigger! My dearest friends Danika and Katie also threw me a baby shower with our childhood friends.  Now we actually have some cute clothes to start our baby's wardrobe. We won't have to bring him home from the hospital in just a diaper. :)
I can't believe how much we have grown up. I had to laugh looking at this picture cause I feel like we all look just like we did in high school--now some of us just have a baby in hand (or belly). Thank you so much girls for a wonderful time! I love you all so much!