Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

This week is a special week. It marks a year since I left Jerusalem. Jerusalem was the most significant point in my life--not to mention the obvious thing: I met my husband and became best friends with him there. But Jerusalem is significant for other reasons too, and those reasons I do not have the words for. I won't begin to talk about how wonderful Jerusalem is, because I have done that plenty enough on this blog I think. But I will say this, anyone who is thinking of going to Jerusalem--GO--and bring me with you please.
Here is a tribute to the greatest 30 years in the history of the world:

Top picture: Where it began for Him--Bethlehem
Bottom Picture: Where it began for us--the Garden Tomb
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What Child is This?

I want you all to hear a song, and if I were at home, I would post it with this for you to hear; but since I am not, I will have to do it later. The song is "What Child is This?". But I want you to listen to one version of it by April Moriarty and Todd McCabe. You see, this song is Special to me. Let me tell you why:

April Moriarty is one of the most influential people in my life. She was my violin teacher, but she was so much more than a violin teacher. She taught me LIFE! She taught me how to make beauty out of the hard parts of life. She pushed me. She was tough on me, but yet she was so tender to me. She showed me how to take something you love, and bless other people with it. She taught me how to multi-task. She taught me that there are no room for excuses, you CAN do everything you set your mind to. But most importantly of all, she taught me through example the Love of our Savior, and his purpose for coming to this Earth.

Back to the song. I think this song is so beautiful because of the thought that April put into it. Imagine being in the place of Mary. Imagine the feelings Mary had as she sat holding her first baby, knowing that she would have to give him up to fulfill his purpose, but for that one silent night, he was her baby. Imagine holding Jesus Christ as a baby. And listen to this song. I think it captures the sacredness of the feelings Mary went through.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Welcome Holidays!

Last Thanksgiving I was in THE GALILEE! And yes, the Turkies were all brought out to us with FIREWORKS in them! It was AWESOME. But besides that, the food really didn't taste like a normal Thanksgiving dinner. This year, I got to have Thanksgiving 3 TIMES! Yes, Mitch and I are so lucky! And we are so lucky that this was our second Thanksgiving spent together. Thanks to a wonderful "fakesgiving" spent with my bosom friend, Madeline, and dinner with both of our families, Mitch and I put on a couple of pounds. But I think I lost it again! Besides eating a whole lot, I had another adventure during the break:
My first BLACK FRIDAY! My sister-in-law, Keera, and I went to Black Friday in Vernal. It didn't last long, partly because there are only two places you can actually go to in Vernal (Kmart and Walmart) and partly because we wanted to hurry home for my father-in-law's famous breakfast of biscuits and gravy...yum..... But still, it was fun to try out black friday. May I reccommend what Keera and I did--we went at 7 am instead of 5 am, and it made it so much more enjoyable (I think)!
Anyway, now I am in school again for three more weeks and then it is more fun holidays! Let us just hope I don't go crazy before then. I am counting down the days..........