Sunday, September 1, 2013


August came and went by in a blur!  Mitch's physical presence in my life has made me feel complete again. Among other fun things, we celebrated my 24th birthday and our 4 year anniversary. We went to  La Jolla Groves for dinner, and then did a dessert crawl instead of a pub crawl. (Mitch's idea)  We started at The Chocolate,

Proceded to the Sweet Tooth Fairy,

Then concluded at Gloria's Little Italy for some Gelato! It was delicious and a super fun date. Thanks babe!

My Mom also threw me a baby shower for family members.  She did an amazing job putting it together. The theme was nursery books and she made darling banners and the food table was unreal.

I'm so grateful for my family. Thanks to my sisters for helping with the yummy food. And thanks to my nieces for putting together the games--they did a great job. My family made me some amazing things like blankets, a perfect quilt, and the most amazing car seat cover you will ever lay eyes on. And he has a great library of books for us to read him (Mitch is super happy about that). Our baby boy is going to be one lucky dude!

On another note, Mitch has started his last year of law school and I am over 32 weeks along! Let's pray the next 6-8 weeks go by super fast because I am super uncomfortable. :)


Kyle said...

I am glad you took some good pictures of the shower. You just need one more of you in it!

Kyle said...

Ha! It's me, Kate.

Adrienne said...

Yummy dessert crawl! I want to make that an anniversary tradition! That shower looks amazing and you are so cute. Your belly is so perfect. I am excited for little Mitch man to come along!

Ali said...

Such a cute baby shower! I love all the food! I also love this dessert crawl idea. Go Mitch!

Unknown said...

What a cute shower! I can not believe you have been married for four years!!! That means it's been even longer since o hard to believe! :)