Monday, September 20, 2010

New Home

Let me introduce you to the place I am growing to love more every day,

This is the entry way to the building Mitch and I live in. This skinny building I think is entirely owned by our land-lady who has the basement and main floor to herself. Mitch and I live in the middle floor, and one man lives on the top floor. What I love about this building are the super tall, old doors with antique knobs. I also love the pretty crown-molding on the ceiling that is too hard to capture on camera. Anyway, Mitch is standing in the narrow stairwell that we walk up to our apartment.
This is the fabulous street that we live on. It is fun because each little building is just a different color than the ones next to it, making it a cute neigborhood.
This is our building--we live in the apartment second from the tob. Cute balcony huh?

Welcome to my new home, I hope you enjoyed your short visit! If anyone wants a tour of the inside of our apartment, I would love to Skype or Google chat. We are 8 hours ahead of Utah so Utah time around noon or really late at night (like 11:30 pm) work best for me!


Ali said...

Heather, I LOVE the apartment! That is so stinking cool. And I loved Mitch's contribution. I miss you guys! I have class at 12, darn it! But I want to figure out a time to skype. It sounds like you are having an awesome adventure!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

How exciting! Looks beautiful there :)

Kate said...

Simply Divine. Reminds me a lot of London. And it makes me dissatisfied with my house: I wish I had cool doors and handles and crown moldings.

Mandy said...

Sweet Heath! It looks like a nice place.

I don't have Skype :( But maybe I will get it because I miss you.

Logan, Christa and Autumn said...

I love the picture of you and Mitch at the end it is so cute! I don't have skype...darn it.