Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Office

I realized I haven't posted hardly anything about where I work. I work for my dad at Excel Eye Center in American Fork (we have offices all over utah county). My dad is an Opthalmologist (eye doc) and my main title is the refractive surgery counselor and coordinator. Since my dad has retired from Lasik I really only deal with cataract surgeries for him and a few other doctors. I also help with most other stuff in the office as well though.  I love my job. It may not be very "career oriented" or sound that impressive--but I am happy to go to work everyday, and I think that says a lot. Some of these people I have known my entire life. Its funny how they know more about the details of my life than some of my best freinds. I guess that is what happens when you spend 8+ hours a day with someone. We have this imaginary circle drawn around the office that says anything said within that circle stays in that circle. I know I can go to Laura or Sandi about anything and keep their trust.
I love the patients that we see. Some of them are crazy, and some are really mean, but most of them are simply sweet. I have learned so many life lessons from observing the patients. (Including many lessons about what type of person NOT to become). I know that I am actaully making a difference when I try to help an elderly couple navigate their insurance company or console a mother who fears her child might lose their sight.
The best part about work though is my dad. We see a lot of elderly patients, which causes me to reflect on my life as they are at the end of theirs. I know I will always cherish these years spent seeing so much of my dad and learning about the man he is away from home. 

Pictures are from Halloween this year.


Kate said...

The one thing I didn't like about "the circle" is that sometimes it became a husband-bashing session, and I found myself joining in. I found myself exaggerating trivial matters as I got caught up in the husband-bashing mood. Then I went home and felt awful because I knew my husband was amazing, but I had not represented him as such. After a while I finally vowed to not ever join in on the husband-bashing. I always tried to say the best things possible about him in front of other people, just as I would want him to do the same thing for me at his work.

You are probably smarter than me and have never joined the husband-bashing in the first place, but if you have fallen into the trap, it's not too late to stop and stay out for good!

Heather said...

I have never even heard them do a husband bashing session before so it has never been an issue!