Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Steamboat, Colorado:

I took a trip (I drove 5 hours by myself there and back) to Steamboat last week to play with my sister-in-laws, Ali, and more friends! 

There were 7 women and 8 children staying together. We had so much fun it even made all the babies fall asleep in awkward positions. 
My dearest Ali was the best ever to drive up and meet me there so I could play with her.  We had too much fun reading books--we are quite hooked on the Hunger Games trilogy. 
Lauren is Mitch's sister, and she brought her too adorable kids Daxton and Aubrey.  I think our kids will turn out toe heads like hers. I don't get enough time to play with Lauren since she lives in Vernal.
These are my two sister-in-laws on Mitch's side--Lauren and Keera. I have three sister-in-laws total (one on my side) and they are the absolute best sisters ever!!!!
When we were at the park, the sprinklers came on, and we all got wet whether by choice or not. Kemarie (age 5) got so wet, that when she would run around, her skirt and undies fell down cause they were so heavy--yes she got to moon the whole park! 
Steamboat even included the craziest car,
 breath-taking scenery,
real springs,
children who don't want to pose for pictures,
babies with the most kissable cheeks,
and messy faces,
and bug eyes,
and really awkward tan lines (Ali's wasn't in an appropriate place for a picture)
and yummy desserts EVERY night after kids go to bed! 

Thank you for the fun week girls!!


Adrienne said...

Looks fun! I'm excited for our upcoming camping trip! I'm glad we're in charge of the food department.

Ali said...

This is great. I had so so much fun! We should have taken a picture of my bum tan lines. haha! Inappropriate! Love you!!


Megan said...

I love Steamboat! Wish I could have driven over with Ali and met you there too! Did you guys go to Strawberry Hot Springs? That's my favorite. Oh, and I love Winona's restaurant. Did you eat there at all? Sounds like it was a great weekend!

Mandy said...

Cute kids Heath! I'm glad you had fun.

And I can't wait to talk to you about Hunger Games...